Community Social Responsibility (CSR):

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a worldwide concept which encourages organizations to consider the interests of society by taking responsibility for the impact of the organization's activities on region, Nature, customers, employees, shareholders, communities and the environment in all aspects of its operations. We have CSR incorporated in our system from the very day of inception of this Organization. We have been building a trade network with the community and guaranteeing regular fair - trade purchases initially we had difficulties in practicing it due to financial constraints. But gradually we have started practicing.

We are a part of society and its our duty to preserve it essence of being true and pios.

We promote tourism in sector so as to help localites increase their earnings , we have a policy of giving preferences to local people when it comes to employment . We have a policy of allowing our female employees to work from their Home so that they are safe and can devote more time to work rather then in commuting from Home to Work Place. We organise biweekly meetings for updation and discussion purpose in office.

In this environment of business and competition, We believe there are fundamentally two objectives every business must fulfil. First, business must create superior service that in turn generates steady profit. Secondly companies must assume responsibility as good Corporate Citizens. It is vital that these two are pursued simultaneously.

Our commitment to social projects encourages employees to serve the community and a business enterprise like our’s generates talent, expertise, skills and organizing power useful to facilitate programs for self help communities.

Respect health, safety, and environment issues of employees, clients, vendors and local community.

Increase environment awareness in employees, and motivate them to participate in and promote organization endeavours to protect the environment.


Drive common solutions, consistency and continual improvement, for more efficient and effective Health, Safety and Environment measures.