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We operate fixed and custmized tour packages to every part of Gujarat, including Ahmedabad, Bhavnagar, Bhuj, Chhota Udepur, Daman, Diu, Dwaraka, Gandhinagar, Gondal, Jamnagar, Junagadh, Mandvi, Modhera, Palitana, Patan, Porbandar, Rajkot, Somnath, Surat and Vadodara. Our team has practical experience in arranging tours for intrested travellers.Our sales team has visitied these places to have a real knowledge & to get first had experience of destination so that they are able to serve clients well and fulfill their need and motive of travel.

Dwarka Somnath is most popular pilgrimage places in Gujarat specially for Hindus. This Dwarka Somnath Package generally starts from Ahmedabad whcih is very well connected by Train, Air ( Flight ) as well as by road. Gujarat has many places of religious and cultural importance.Dwaraka, Somanath, Pawagadh, Bhadreswar, Shamlaji, the Jain temples at Taranga etc are few places frequently visited by pilgrims and tourists. There are several monuments and forts with historical importance depicting the splendor of ancient architecture. Gujarat is also famous for the Gir forests which is the last retreat of the Asiatic Lions. The best time to visit Gujarat is during the Months of October and March.

The official and essential language spoken is Gujarati. The state of Gujarat is known everywhere throughout the world for its blessed sanctuaries, notable capital, untamed life asylums, beaches, luxury resorts, captivating handiworks, mouth watering food and bright lifestyle of the populace of Gujarat with religious places which are must visit.The festivals and celebration are full of energy & entertainment Gujarat is famous for its Navratri celebration which sees people connected with the spirit of dance for nine nights.

Ferry Service from Okha to Mandvi : We are pleased to annonce commencement of Ferry ( Boat ) service from Okha Port ( 40 Kms from Dwarka ) to Mandvi Port( 70 Kms from Bhuj ) & approximate 140 Kms from Kutch. This ferry journey takes only 150 Min ( 2 Hrs & 30 Min ). This is very convenient way of traveling to Bhuj & Kutch & is a unique kind of experince to travel from Dwarka to Bhuj by Ferry or Dwarka to Kutch by Ferry. The Ferry service is reasonably priced from Rs.600 tp Rs.1200 depending on comfort of travel. Guest can choose to stay for 1 or 2Nights in Bhuj or Kutch or can experince the water ferry in day trip. The Ferry takes a stop of 1.5 Hrs at Mandvi & traveler can come back same day. Tickets of Ferry from Okha to Mandi cab be booked 15 days in advance as per seat availability.

Dwarka to Bhuj by Sea : Dwarka to Bhuj by Sea is possible in 5-6 Hours only that also in comfort of Ferry. One has to start from Dwarka for Okha Port which takes almost 1 hour and then by ferry for 2.5 Hrs, after reaching Mandvi port the drive to Bhuj takes almost 90 minutes by car. This ferry/ sea boat service is good option for travelers who want to reach Bhuj from Dwarka by Sea.

Plenary Holidays offer both fixed and customized packages for tourist to Gujarat. We cater to both domestic and foreigner clients. We have our associate office in Ahmedabad to take care of clinets requiring special attention and assistance.


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Code Package Name Package Inclusions Duration
Gujarat Tour 01 Ahmedabad and Modhera Day Trip Ahmedabad and Modhera Day Trip 1 Day
Gujarat Tour 02 Dwarkadhish with Jyotirlings Ex-Ahmedabad Dwarka 2N + Somnath 1N 3N/4D
Gujarat Tour 03 Somnath Dwarka Jyotirling Darshan Ex Rajkot Dwarka 2N + Somnath 1N 3N/4D
Gujarat Tour 04 Somnath Dwarka Jyotirling Darshan Ex Jamnagar Dwarka 2N + Somnath 1N 3N/4D
Gujarat Tour 05 Somnath Dwarka Jyotirling Darshan with Diu Dwarka 2N + Somnath 1N + Diu 3N/4D
Gujarat Tour 06 Dwarkadhish Nageshwar with Jyotirlings Jamnagar 1N +Dwarka 1N + Somnath 1N + Rajkot 1N 4N/5D
Gujarat Tour 07 Dwarkadhish Nageshwar with Jyotirlings and Ahmedabad Jamnagar 1N +Dwarka 1N + Somnath 1N + Ahmedabad 1N 4N/5D
Gujarat Tour 08 Gujarat Temples with Safari Jamnagar 1N +Dwarka 1N + Somnath 1N + Gir 1N + Rajkot 1N 5N/6D
Gujarat Tour 09 Gujarat Beaches,Deserts & Safaris Diu 2N + Sasan Gir 1N+ Rajkot 1N + Dasada 2N 6N/7D
Gujarat Tour 10 Dwarkadhish with Jyotirlings Extended Jamnagar 1N +Dwarka 1N + Somnath 1N + Sasan Gir 1N + Junagarh 1N + Rajkot 1N 6N/7D
Gujarat Tour 11 The Best of Gujarat (Religion, Beaches and Safaris) Dwarka 2N + Somnath 1N + Diu 1N +Gir 1N + Ahmedabad 1N 6N/7D
Gujarat Tour 12 Ambaji Temple with Somnath Dwarka Jamnagar 1N +Dwarka 1N + Somnath 1N + Rajkot 1N + Ahmedabad 2N 6N/7D
Gujarat Tour 13 Gujarat Villages & Monuments Package with Bhavnagar Shimla 2N + Manali 3N + Daramshala 2N + Dalhausi 1N + Amrtisar 1N + Chandigarh 1N 10N/11D
Gujarat Tour 14 Gujarat Tribal & Cultural Package Saputara 2N +Baroda 1N + Choda Udaipur 2N + Ahmedabad 1N + Poshina 2N + Dasada 2N + Bhuj 3N + Gondal 1N 14N/15D
Gujarat Tour 15 Wilderness of Gujarat Bhuj 1N + Nakhatrana 2N +Jamnagar 3N +Porbander 1N + Gir 2N + Bhavnagar 2N + Dasada 2N + Balram 2N + Ahmedabad 1N 16N/17D
Gujarat Tour 16 Sampurn Gujarat Darshan Details Inside 20N/21D
Gujarat Tour 17 Gujarat Somnath Dwarka Bus Tour Jamnagar 1N +Dwarka 1N + Somnath 1N + Diu 1N +Jungarh 1N 5N/6D

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