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  •  Delhi
  •  Chandigarh
  •  Manali
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  •  Delhi
  •  Chandigarh
  •  Ambala
  •  Kurukshetra
  •  Pathankot

Price:  15,500* Per Person

Manali at altitude of 1,950 m (6,398 ft) in the Beas River valley is an important hill station in the mountains of the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh near the northern end of the Kullu Valley. It is located about 250 km (155 mi) north of state capital, Shimla.

Manali with population of approx. 30,000 is administratively a part of the Kullu district. The small town was the beginning of an ancient trade route to Ladakh and from there over the Karakoram Pass on to Yarkand and Khotan in the Tarim Basin.

Manali and the surrounding area is of great significance to Indian culture and heritage as it is said to be the home of the Saptarishi, or Seven Sages.

Dwarka Tourism Places

  • Bet Dwarka
    Also known as Bet Shankhoddar,. It is said to be the place where Lord Krishna lived with his family when they ruled at Dwarka. It is also the place where Vishnu slew the demon Shankhasura. Visitors make it a point to visit the Krishna temple at this site which holds much of interest to be seen and experienced. One has to take boat/ferry/ship to Bet Dwarka which takes almost 15 minutes and tickets are available on the spot and cannot be booked in advance. Bet Dwarka also has a famous Gurudwara almost 10 min by auto from Temple. Small Autos ply from shore of ferry to temple but we recommend to walk as market is very interesting.
  • Nageswar Mahadev
    The Puranas mention 12 Jyotirlingas or columns of light representing Lord Shiva, who manifested himself in that form in different parts of India. This shiva shrine near Dwarka is one of these and is there- fore accorded great respect.
  • Rukmani Devi Temple
    Ancient Temple of Lord Krihsna’s wife in outskirts of Dwarka. This temple is beautifully decorated with paintings & is archaeological wonder on 12th Century.
  • Dwarkadish Temple
    It’s a five story temple primarily made of lime stone. It is also popularly known as Jagat Temple . It’s a Umbreally shaped building and is very well managed. The queue time is generally not very long and is very well managed. Temple gates are opened at around 6:30 AM till 1:00 PM and then 5:00 PM to 9:30 PM. Plenary Holidays drivers are well aware of these timings and will take you accordingly.

Hotels in Dwarka Gujarat

Dwarka is very popular Gujarat tourism destination which is primary popular for religious and pilgrimage to Gujarat. Dwarka is not a very big or commercialized city but has got many comfortable places to stay ranging from Dharamshalas to 3* Deluxe Category Hotels. Dwarka has got approx 50 hotels including dharamshalas and best available hotels in Dwarka. Plenary Holidays has visited most of the hotels to find out which offer best value for money and great services to guests. Large number of Pilgrims visit Dwarka in Gujarat during festivals and specially during Navratri and Janmashtmi.

  • 3* Deluxe Category Hotels in Dwarka :

    Lords Eco Inn , Goverdhan Greens, Manek the ocean view, Sun Plaza
  • 2* Deluxe Category Hotels in Dwarka :

    Rudra Plaza , Hotel The Dwarika, Narayan Inn, Avezika Comfort ,Hotel Dwarka Residency


Click on package names to view and wonderful & specially crafted itineraries
Code Package Name Package Inclusions Duration
Himachal 01 Crisp Himachal Tour Shimla 2N + Manali 2N 4N/5D
Himachal 02 Manali Special Tour Delhi - Manali(3) - Delhi by Volvo 4N/5D
Himachal 03 Beautiful Hills Shimla 2N + Manali 3N 5N/6D
Himachal 04 Beautiful North Shimla 2N + Manali 3N + Chandigarh 1N 6N/7D
Himachal 05 Lama Land Shimla 2N + Manali 3N + Daramshala 2N 7N/8D
Himachal 06 Taj of North-I Shimla 2N + Manali 3N + Delhi 1N + Agra 1N 7N/8D
Himachal 07 Taj of North-II Shimla 2N + Manali 3N + Chandigarh 1N + Agra 1N 7N/8D
Himachal 08 Himachal Beauty Tour Shimla 2N + Manali 3N + Daramshala 2N+ Dalhausi 1N 8N/9D
Himachal 09 Destination North Shimla 2N + Manali 3N + Chandigarh 1N + Agra 1N + Jaipur 1N 8N/9D
Himachal 10 Golden Himachal Tour Shimla 2N + Manali 3N + Daramshala 2N + Dalhausi 1N + Amrtisar 1N + Chandigarh 1N 10N/11D

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