Plenary Holidays MICE offer the following services to its customers:

  • Design and development of complete program
  • Location selection & reservation
  • Venue and accommodation selection
  • Planning, organisation and equipping of venue
  • Organisation of pre and post tour programs, spouse programs, social programs and arrangements for accompanying guests
  • Specialised exclusive theme dinners
  • Audio-Video equipping with recording and transmission arrangements
  • Shows and special entertainments
  • Special evening venues
  • Transportation - meet and greet services during all arrivals


Every organisation – Small or Large, consisting of working professionals – needs a break and change. Be it a firm of serious lawyers, consortium of doctors, group of young IT professionals or any other type of Industry group; all need something that brings them together yet allows for something exciting, something refreshingly different. Plenary Holidays provide complete solution these.

Meeting location options

  • Resorts within 3 Hrs drive time from NCR
  • Peaceful locations deep into nature
  • Easy to reach and economical option
  • Options with Adventure & Exciting activities

With Plenary Holidays , you have many options to choose destination of your choice and stay in your desired hotel - and all this within your budget. Think of meeting and its planned…in moments with us

Wait is over, If you have a requirement, just let us know. We are but a phone call away!


Incentive the best motivators which generates customer sales & also encourage company loyalty among employees. Plenary Holidays incentive options present your employees with an event experience beyond their expectations. This motivates your employees, increases sales, dedication and growth of company.

How we do it ?

  • Research Destinations
  • Strong Buying Power
  • Cost Determination
  • Events Specialization
  • Theme Dinners and Gala nights
  • Pre/Post Tour Programs options
  • 100% Reliability


We offer outstanding destinations which create powerful themes, maintain and manage budgets and coordinate with all functionalities.

As we have good relations with all the leading hotels and other suppliers in our industry, we ensure the friction less and satisfactory organizing of the conventions and events.

Don’t wait…just let us know


If you are Planning to organize an EVENT like an wedding in Thailand or something equally exciting and unique….We are everywhere

The core is planning, knowledge and experience

We not only provide the resources & required knowledge for such specialist events – but also offer innovative ideas which are executed in a timely and cost effective manner.

Come, be with us!


From our first breath to our last we desire to be held close to the heart Let Nestling nurture your little ones natural desire to feel your hearts warmth Make Nestling your family's way of life and Love


We put together some unique itineraries that help youngsters inculcate a sense of history and awareness of local habits & customs.

All student programs are cost-inclusive. No surprises, ever


We look for opportunities to allow your participants to become familiar with the local cultures and customs of the places they visit. This can be achieved by meeting with local tour operators. All contacts and coordination occur in advance to allow you to approve of the programs. A great way to understand local traditions is to take an active part in local festivities and ceremonies. We hunt out important events for your students to participate in during their trip.